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At twenty9north media represents and licenses the creative works of a growing stable of amazing broadcasters and content generators.

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We live and breathe political on the web. twenty9north distills decades of experience in digital including talent from Razorfish, WhittmanHart, BrandMuscle and Band Digital agencies into bold candidate forward websites and digital campaigns that attract, convert and win elections. 

Anyone can build a website; we build winners.

  • A Managed Experience

    If there is an account to create, an email box to configure, a website to maintain (backups, security updates, hosting), an ad campaign to tweak or simply some content to update, we have you covered. Sit back and let us do the busy work.

  • High Availability

    We understand that today's campaigns require a quicker turnaround than ever before. We are available around the clock to execute critical work.

  • Automation + Integration

    Work smarter not harder. We are experts in email automation, integration and api driven events, digital ad management, social media scheduling, fundraising platforms (Anedot, WinRed, Paypal) and many other technologies.

  • Properly Sized Solutions

    From discrete work products like websites and logo's to comprehensive digital strategies, we can put it together. We have no problem working with existing team structures in order to contribute to a larger solution ecosystem. We will never sell you more than what you need.

  • Access To A Vast Array Of Political Services & Resources

    twenty9north is proud to work in association with Strive Strategies Group, an industry leading political consultancy and special interest advocate. Signs, mailers, campaign strategy & management, advertising, phone-banking, petition drives, ground level organization and fundraising are just a selection of the services they offer.

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About us

twenty9north media represents the copyrights, licensing and publishing of all twenty9north IP as well as that of our strategic partners Bit Riot Media.

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